We never take the lovely things people say for granted, so here we have some snippets of testimonials/appreciations from happy clients and partners.
  • Fallon & Raian ,
    Sri Lanka & Syrian

    Hi Petra, Christine, Jordi and Michi Thank you so much for making this all happen! Fallon and I have loved getting to know you and working with you this past year. We had an amazing time and think our friends and family did too 🙂 We wish you all the best and continued success. we couldn't think of a better team to help plan such a special event! Hope our paths cross again in the future and please let us know if your're ever in Melbourne. Would love to show you around. Very best, Love Fallon & Raian

  • Louise & Josh ,

    Ahh, we loved every minute! It was just the most amazing time of our lives!! I’m sad to be home, and can’t believe this time last week we were making our way out to Spain, its gone so quickly!!
    The second day was perfect too! Everything went to plan, and was exactly how I imagined it! We had ample food, and so much drink left, but better to be that way round, as opposed to running out!
    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay. how could they not as Casa Felix, and none of us can stop looking back through the photos!
    Thank you to all of you for helping plan our perfect wedding, it was everything I had dreamt of, and more!!

  • Janne & Peder ,

    Igen mange tak for den store indsats, I lagde for dagen i forbindelse med vores bryllup i oktober. Det var intet mindre end magisk! Simpelthen den bedste, uforglemmelige, hyggeligste, skægge og mest fantastiske fest, men kunne forestille sig med så mange gode mennesker og så meget kærlighed. Og vi tænker så tit tilbage på det med det største smil på læberne.

    Mange kærlige hilsner
    Peder & Janne

  • Schez & Will ,

    Hi Petra, Hi Rosanna,
    We really wanted to tell you just how much we appreciate the care and attention you gave to our wedding, it was so spectacular! Not only have so many of our guests declared it the best wedding ever but we also had the best time - way better than we expected!! I personally felt exactly how i think a bride should feel on her wedding day! It truly turned out to be the best day of our lives and you have been such an integral part of it all.
    We’re off on our honeymoon and everybody has finally gone home, we’re on a wedding come down!!
    Thanks again,
    much love,
    Schez and Will xxxxx

  • Sandy & Hendrik ,

    To the entire Pearl Sandals Team,

    Thank you so much for turning our wedding into an unforgettable experience, not only for us, but for our whole family and friends! On behalf of Hendrik and myself, we are so grateful for all your support throughout the entire planning, organisation, decoration, communication and most of all the excellent recommendations on suppliers, and the very transparent, open and professional way of working. We can only echo what the other couples have mentioned here, we had also researched and been in contact with other wedding planners, but no one was as professional, responsive and answering all our questions (incl. an indication on costs) from the start. Our special day would not have been the same without your help! You blended in perfectly and were always exactly there when needed. What was most amazing was all the positive feedback we also got from our guests, who are still (almost 4 month after) talking about our wedding and how they would love to do this again every year 😉 Please keep your enthusiasm and passion for what you do, as the outcome is incredible!

    Special thanks to the team members, that we had day-to-day contact with:

    @Petra, thank you for being so open and honest, for all the good advice on sometimes random questions and for making time, even on weekends, to reply on Whatsapp. This not a given and therefore so appreciated that you were so responsive and working around our calendars.

    @Jordi, thank you for standing our sometimes very German bureaucracy and attention to detail J and for keeping track of our finances. We still can’t believe how swift all the paperwork went on and how we managed to get church/civil documents all taken care off.

    @ Rosanna, thank you for your hands on approach on the day of our weeding and for jumping in, where needed.

    @Sophie, thank you for your support on finding the right photographer, for getting the decorations straight and for blending in so well on the day of our wedding supporting the German family.

  • Ece & Cevdet ,

    Barcelona ilişkimizde önemli bir yere sahip ve hep öyle kalacak. İlk kez bu şehre giden uçakta tanıştık ve sonra bir kaç günlük tatilimiz boyunca şehrin farklı yerlerinde birbirimizle karşılaşmaya devam ettik. Bu rastlantılar bizi sonra İstanbul’da buluşmaya yönlendirdi ve yıllar içinde ilişkimizde bir sonraki adımı atmaya karar verip süreci planlamaya başladığımızda nerede evleneceğimizle ilgili çok da düşünmeye gerek yoktu. Buraya kadar her şey bizim için ne kadar romantikse bundan sonrası da o kadar ayakları yere basan bir planlamayı gerektiriyordu. Barselonayı çok seviyorduk, şehirle ilgili biraz fikrimiz vardı ve işin altından tek başımıza kalkabileceğimizi düşünüyorduk ama ilk hazırlıklar bize gösterdi ki bir çok soru ve bu sorulara verilecek birden çok cevap vardı. Kafa karışıklığımız ve bilgisizliğimiz uzakta oluşumuzla birleşince zamanın ilerlemesiyle birlikte zorlanmaya ve süreci yürütüp yürütemeyeceğimizle ilgili endişe duymaya başladık. Hatta bir ara umudumuz o kadar kırıldı ve Barcelona’da evlenme fikrinden vazgeçip İstanbul’daki opsiyonları denemeyi düşündük. Tam da o ara resme Petra ve PearlSandals ekibi girdi ve her şey 180 derece değişti. İtiraf etmemiz gerekiyorki onlar olmasaydı bu işin altından kalkamazdık. Tecrübeleriyle bütçe/maddi olanaklarımız ve isteklerimiz arasında dengeyi bulup en iyi seçeneklere yönlendirdiler ve sürecin her adımında yanımızda oldular. Bununla birlikte ilk başta üzerine düşünmediğimiz bir nokta da bizimle birlikte olacak misafirlerimizi yönetmekti. Hem evlenmeye çalışmak hem de sizinle birlikte olmak için gelen misafirlerinizi yönlendirmek çok kolay olmayabilirdi fakat Pearl Sandals ekibi sayesinde bunun da altından kalktık. Bizimle Barcelona’da beraber olan tüm sevdiklerimiz katıldıkları en keyifli evlilik organizasyonlarından birinin bizimkisi olduğunu söylüyorlar ve bunu duymaktan çok mutluyuz. Barcelona şehri bizim ilişkimizde her zaman çok önemli bir yere sahip olacak ve PearlSandals ekibi sayesinde evlenme maceramızı çok mutlu ve huzurlu bir şekilde tecrübe ettik. Her şey için tekrar tekrar teşekkür ederiz.

  • Ece & Cevdet ,

    Barcelona is a very special place for our relationship and it will always stay this way. We first met on a plane to that city and continued to bump into each other during that holiday trip. Coincidences led us to see each other in our hometown Istanbul and from then on we were a couple. When we reflect on the past we have always cherished beautiful Barcelona and our romantic comedy-esque beginnings. So when we decided to take our relationship to a next level and to get married, there was no question: we were getting married in Barcelona. While everything was romantic to that point we knew we need a down-to-earth planning from then on. Yes we love Barcelona and knew a thing or two about the city so we believed that we can get through, that we can easily plan and execute everything by ourselves. We were wrong. Even at first glance we faced with lots of questions to address and we couldn’t come up with working answers. We were far (3,5 hours of flight time from Istanbul to Barcelona), clueless and confused. With time passing we were worried and wondering if we can pull it off. In fact at one stage we started looking for solutions in Istanbul, half-heartedly. This is when Petra and PearlSandals team come into play and change everything, 180 degrees. We must admit that we couldn’t manage the process without their guiding and expertise. They manage to come up with perfect solutions, balancing our expectations and financial possibilities. They were with us in every step of the process, from conferences over skype months ago to solemnizing the wedding in the embassy. It was not only us as the couple but all of our friends and family were also happy and relaxed. Most of them were first-time travelers and language barrier was present but everything went very smooth. They keep saying that ours was one of the loveliest and notable weddings they have attended and hearing that makes us very happy. As I have written in the beginning Barcelona has a very special place in our story. And we experienced this chapter in our story most happily thanks to PearlSandals team. We will always be grateful to them.

  • Can Martri Catering ,

    Espere’m poder-ho fer sovint amb vosaltres, ja que ha estat un autèntic plaer. Una abraçada i petons. Núria, Marta i tot l’equip

  • Suvi & Brendan ,

    Hello Pearl Sandals; Petra, Jordi, Natalia and Rosana, Greetings from cold Boston, where we are finally back to normalcy after an amazing October! Huge warm hug and thank you for the whole team for organizing our wedding. It was a long journey (two years!!) and so much patience and skill was required from all of you to help us through the planning. Now after seeing everything that went into the planning both of us are just horrified to even think of having done it without your help. Everything was just perfect on the wedding day. Special thank you good hearted people for minding Eliana, it was invaluable since she was so very miserable that day for a reason we did not understand since usually she absolutely loves crowds and attention- until we learned the day after the wedding that she actually was sick with her first cold and therefore so miserable and difficult to entertain. (We all in the Vilassar-house caught a nasty cold.) Maybe also some of my stress was affecting her as we had heard just days before the wedding that our green card got rejected and we were stranded in Spain until we got me a new US-visa. So we ended up having an extra ten days of "honeymoon" in Madrid the following week while applying for new visa for me. We did end up loving the extra family-time though. Also, our new return flight was through Dublin on the day when the hurricane hit Ireland, so we got an extra days delay in our flights returning home. Adding to all this the independence commotion in Catalunya, you were the only part that we could count on during our wedding trip, and we are forever grateful for that 😀 😀 Wishing you a wonderful winter filled with beautiful people and weddings, and calmer times for Catalunya. If any of our friends in Barcelona are looking for wedding planner, we'll be sure to recommend you! Suvi, Brendan and Eliana

  • Eva ,
    Sensacions Catering

    Gracias a vosotras Petra, sois geniales

  • Sara & Pete ,

    First of all we would like to tell you we will be hiring your services as a wedding planner, not only because we like you, but because we have been impressed with your costumer service and professionalism. We have actually contacted other companies to compare prices but the one that has actually listen to our demands as well as keep a constant flow of emails and information has been you and only you (as well as willing to chat and work at night time). Is for that we are greatfull and looking forward to start this journey with you!

  • James & Ivan ,

    Our wedding brings us so many happy memories all the time. You were such an important part of it and can't wait to do a bit of shameless reminiscing when we see you!!

  • Svetlana & Andrew,

    Dear Team, We are very happy how our wedding came out and wanted to say a big big thank you for all your effort, professionalism, and passion you put into it! We can just imagine how it’s hard to work with couples from all over the world, but I hope our experience was not a disaster for you! We will forever remember all the details and moments you helped create.

  • Josep Maria ,
    Mediajockey DJ

    Bravo por el team Pearl Sandals!!! Orgulloso de trabajar con vosotros..

  • Peter & Nicky ,

    Hej Petra. Tusen tack för allt vi båda är så sjukt nöjda med hela vår dag! Ännu en gång tusen tack till dig och Kate och alla andra som hjälpt till med att göra våran dag till en oförglömlig upplevelse. Kram Peter & Nicky

  • Victoria & Tom,

    Team Pearl Sandals & Gau WELL WHAT A PARTY!!  Needless to say I have lost my voice. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making it one hell of a day and night to remember. The day itself is a little hazy as it went very fast – too many distractions make it difficult to focus, but I know I had an amazing time. Super over excited. All I have been hearing is how it’s the best wedding anyone has ever been to #nailedit ( and trust me they wouldn’t say it if they didn’t believe so ). Martin ( Toms Boss ) for him to say the food and drink service was excellent is definitely something to be proud of, he can be hard to please  That Suckling Pig was delicious, shame I was still too nervous and over excited to eat it all. That Cheese Cake as well looked awesome, and the Espresso Martini’s – you want to come and work for Bacardi?they were fab! Petra, thank you for all the little touches also, it looked fantastic and coaching me through some of the decisions. Sorry if the getting people out of there was a little tough. In all seriousness, P&S attention to detail, all the above and beyond are second to non, and your hugs Petra, just make everything seem so easy when I know it's not. So thanks. Thank you so so much to you all, you were a great team and even though the whether threatened us, no one even noticed the scheduled had changed slightly. Hope to see you all again. Much love. Mr and Mrs Kerr xxx Victoria and tom

  • Deborah and Ashley,

    What can we say only the biggest thanks for your professionalism, your dedication and your kindness throughout this whole process. Thank you also for your patience on the day (we are vaguely aware of some mini dramas but we had no idea on the day and for that we are eternally grateful!). Please extend our thanks to everyone who contributed; to our beauty crew (they were so patient and understanding of my control freak..lets call them..tendancies!) and so understanding of what we wanted. To the florist (oh my god..we almost cried leaving our bouquets behind); those flowers were worthy of a royal wedding To the caters; everyone was raving about the food and couldn't stop talking about it. One of our favourite moments was our cake and dessert presentation and these desserts were to die for To JoanRa thank you for being so cheerful and positive and making our ceremony so personal. There were a lot of tears of joy from everyone including ourselves To our musicians; wow!! I'm tearing up just thinking about the music. To our DJ; i think the packed dance floor speaks for itself. Thank you for listening to our requests and creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter To our photographers; their patience and professionalism were outstanding. They listened and fulfilled all of our requests. We cant wait to see our shots. The owners of Sant Pere de Clara; what a breath taking place. Honestly, our wedding venue will be talked about for days, if not years, by our guests. They just couldn't get enough of it. To hotel Atenea; they were wonderful and it was a great place for everyone to hang out and chill If we have forgotten anyone (we are currently exhausted from our lack of sleep and alcohol induced antics yesterday 😊 ) please tell then we’re sorry but we know that everyone’s part no matter how small, was important and made our day the wonderful unforgettable experience that it was. We will hold a special place for PearlSandals, and all of your contributors, in our hearts forever. Once again thank you Lots of love, Mrs and Mrs White ❤ ️🌈 Deborah and Ashley

  • Camilla & Chris,

    Yesterday's wedding was terrific! SO AMAZING! I just want to say that it is my great honor having you ladies and gentlemen planning, preparing, hosting, recording and taking care of our wedding. Starting from Guillermo's visit and brunch shooting in the early morning to the great dinner till late night, everything was perfect! You really made it: beyond expectation in every aspect! Barcelona is such a lovely city. What's more adorable are the memories of such great time we spent together. If anyone ever would come to Beijing, do give me a call and I'll show you around the city with pleasure. Again, thank you all for the great support all the time. Look forward to watching the best moments shootings of the wedding day! Already feel excited with all kinds of imaginations and expectations! As for the closing words, since I love the poem from Ancient China that Esperanza read at the ceremony so much, I found its Chinese character version! It was a singing poem from Han Dynasty, with over two thousand years history. Here it goes: 上邪 我欲與君相知 長命無絕衰 山無陵 江水為竭 冬雷震震 夏雨雪 天地合 乃敢與君絕

  • Rebecca & Martin,

    Thank you SOOOOO soo much to you and your team for everything you did to make our wedding dreams come true!! We had such an amazing time and you all did an AMAZING job, we really really appreciate it.

  • Meri & Eveliina,

    Those wonderful memories stay. We have heard from many of our guests that it was the best wedding they have ever been to (and probably will be). So thank you very very much. It was really a fairytale day for us. Everything was so beautiful and perfect. I don't know How you can manage to organize so many beautiful weddings so often (saw in instagram that you had a wedding the next day also). Really amazing! Everything was like We hoped and imagined! Everybody said that it felt unreal! Also I want to thank you once more for reminding me to enjoy the day and let it go. You probably noticed that I'm a little bit of a control freak and perfectionist. It was really important so that I Could enjoy the day. I will always remember when We walked to the aisle and you said to me "enjoy this is your day". It made me had tears in my eyes already then. It was really the best day of my life. I got to marry Eveliina but also had the dream wedding I have hoped for from the age of 13.  Big hugs to you too! And my wife and dad says thank you and wishes great fall to all of you! Meri

  • Laura Gau,
    Gau Catering

    Gracias Petra. Un placer trabajar contigo y con tu equipo.

  • Paloma & Daniel,

    Hello team!   We are now home and are trying to wrap our hands around the beauty of the last couple of days. We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done for us, from day one. We are so so grateful and will cherrish our experience for ever, all thanks to your excelent service! All of our guest were blown away with how extraordinary everything was, from the pick up by Jordi at the airport to the welcome drink to the final minutes of the night. We have e-mailed Ulf but we would be very thankful if you could help us with sending our warmest thank yous and regards to everyone involved! Sauleda: Wow, there are no words to describe how wonderful the food was! The staff were so so helpful, funny and kind all throught the night and we are allready trying to figure out what we could celebrate next in Barcelona to be able to use them again. We loved the extra snacks they provided us with at the end of the night and how they attended to our every need. Can Colomer: I've written to Belen but I also would like you to know how pleased we were with our stay in the house. Belen answered all our questions very fast and helped us arrange taxi, visit to the mini donkey farm and more. We absolutely fell in love with the surroundings and the house and were so sad to leave. We are now waiting for the first pictures from Blåval 😊 We loved Sara and she really made us feel comfortable and made us laugh. Once again - thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Varma hälsningar Paloma och Daniel

  • Anna and Christian,

    Nochmal vielen Dank für den schönen Tag und den tollen Moment.

  • JoAnne and ben,

    From JoAnne: Thanks so so much to everyone for everything! Your are all doing such a wonderful job, we know it's going to be such a special day for everyone, not just us! From Ben: Thanks so much for all the work you've done for us, the level of detail is incredible. We both can't wait to be there and it's so close now!

  • Brittany & Michal ,

    Petra thank you SO much!!! Last night was everything we ever dreamed of, it was so amazing. I still can't believe it happened. You and the team are the absolute best!!

  • Jill and Edwin ,

    Thank you for a wonderful vow renewal. The church was just was we expected. Nathalie and Rosanna did a fabulous job. Best day here in Barcelona.  

  • Claire & Luke,

    Thank you Jordi that’s great. Thanks again for everything you all did that made our day so special!

  • Kenneth,

    Allt är toppen som gift, taller de tapas var jättebra, framförallt var Ivan bra samt maten. V och gästerna är supernöjd med allt. Stort tack Petra! Dig ska vi rekommendera. Kram Kenneth

  • Paul ,
    Almiral de la Font

    You are welcome Petra. I have added you to my list of favourite wedding planners!

  • Inja and Teddy ,

    Thank you for letting us know and for everything! I think all of our guests really enjoyed and had a lovely night. Many thanks to you and your team!

  • Joan Gil ,
    Sauleda Catering

    Petra eres la más previsora de todas las bodas que hacemos durante el año, así da gusto...

  • Francesca and Allan,

    Hi Petra, Jordi and Suzan, On behalf of Allan and myself I just want to thank each one of you on your amazing work to make our wedding day as special as it was.  We honestly can't thank you enough, to take us on as clients at late notice when we needed you the most is something we will never forget.  We couldn't have asked for more from you, you all went above and beyond your job and every single detail was more than perfect.  Even after the wedding you Jordi had to put up with a lot of texts and what's apps and I apologise but also want to thank you for doing so. Suzan you were fantastic, such a kind bubbly lady who helped us soo much and we wish you the best of luck for your future with Pearl Sandals. Petra you were amazing! You looked after us girls and the men from the moment we all arrived, making sure we ate, making sure we stayed hydrated and being motherly to us all. Allan and I hope that we have made life long friends and we certainly do not want to fall out of touch with you all. Should any of you ever visit Ireland please let us know. And we for sure would love to see you if we return to Barcelona. Thank you for making our dream come true and making memories for us that will last forever. Your newly married couple. Francesca & Allan Xx

  • JoAnne and Ben,

    Cheers Petra! Back home in Ireland, but still enjoying our wedding bubble. Thank you so much for making our dream wedding a reality! Xxx  

  • Ciara and Frankie,

    On behalf of both Frankie and I, we would just like to say a huge thank you again to Petra, Suzan and yourself for all the hard work that went into making the day perfect for us. Everything went so well, our guests are still talking about how enjoyable it was! The care and attention you all put in was fantastic, the day would not have been the same without you!
    Also the suppliers you recommended, the photographers, the dj and the florist especially, were exceptional. As was Juan Ramon, he really captured our feelings on the day and it was a ceremony we will never forget!

  • Francesca & Allan,

    You are fantastic, thanks soo much for taking so much time with us Petra, we really appreciate this.

  • Dina,

    Thank you for your email.  We too enjoyed meeting you, your bubbly enthusiasm was infectious !

  • Jenny and Tim,

    Thank you again for all you did. You made our dream become a reality and for that, I could never repay you. You and Jordi were absolutely amazing and we appreciate everything you did for us. We will never forget this trip.

  • Carly and Graham ,

    Hi Petra, We hope you are keeping well. Love looking at all the pictures that PearlSandals have been putting up on Facebook. You do an amazing job and we loved every minute of ours with your help, we still can't thank you enough.

  • Kim-Thoa ,
    Mother of Bride Katherine

    Thank you so much Petra for your great help. Katherine is so happy with you at that end of the world taking care of her wedding for her, and for me. No words can express my appreciation for your existence.

  • Johanna and Martin ,

    We are still thinking about our special day this year. Thank you so much for making it such a great festive with moments and pictures we will never forget. We really admire your enthusiasm and passion you give in your job.

  • James and Ivan,

    Hello Petra,
    What can we possibly say - thank you so so much for making our day so utterly wonderful.
    We are now safely esconsed in Mallorca for a few days chilling and reflecting on what you and Jordi made such a perfect day.
    I will send a proper thank you email shortly but in the meantime I hope you also had a restful Sunday as you worked relentlessly through the weekend and were completely amazing.
    You are now unfortunately a friend for life.
    Love from us both.
    James and Ivan xxxxxx

  • Cecilia & Markus,

    Vill passa på att säga tusen tack igen!! Nu när det har gått en vecka och det hunnit landa så känner jag verkligen genuint att Vi fick det bästa bröllopet vi kunde få. Platsen var så vacker, magisk och kändes direkt rätt! Ulf var fantastisk och tolkade våra utvalda låtar helt otroligt vackert! Överlag kändes själva vigseln intim och personlig, precis som jag hoppats! Dukningen var perfekt och blommorna jättefina!  Var väldigt nöjd med min bukett med! Otroligt fin miljö att ha middagen vid. Fin och god middag! Lite mycket mat bara;) Alla var väldigt nöjda med maten. Min önskan innan var att få ett väldigt personligt och intimt bröllop. Det blev verkligen allt jag önskat och lite till! Vårt dygn i Palma var verkligen perfekt det med! Hotellet är det bästa vi bott på! Suverän frukost, lugnt och väldigt vackert!! För oss slitna småbarnsföräldrar var det rena himmelriket:)

  • Katherine and Dan,

    Dear Petra. I wanted to send you a huge, huge, huge THANK YOU to you and your phenomenal team for what was one of the best weekends of our lives, and I know a weekend that our friends and family will never forget.

    From day 1, almost a year ago (!), both Dan and I felt very confident in you and your team.  You and Jordi both were incredibly responsive, and no questions were left unanswered!  Our confidence was further cemented after our visit in February- the coordination of the tasting, visit to Sant Pere de Clara, hair/makeup, photos, etc went far better than we could have ever expected. Most of all, you and your team removed a huge amount of stress in our already busy lives and made us feel so much more relaxed about planning for an event which we were both ill-equipped to do!
    Our wedding was beyond anything we could have ever expected- I never imagined that we would have such a perfect, magical, storybook kind of day.  The setting was amazing, the decor was perfect, and the food was phenomenal!!! (NEVER in the USA have I experienced a wedding with such amazing food!!!)  Dan and I were so impressed with the little details that I didn't even think about- parasols for the guests during the day and the blankets for later in the evening, and sending us some fantastic photos later  were such nice touches!  Every provider you recommended performed far beyond our expectations and I know our guests had a phenomenal time as well.   (I feel badly- we didn't get to thank Santiago for his beautiful guitar, or Rafa for putting up with my terrible Spanish when requesting music!!)  It was truly a perfect day and one of the best in our lives.  It will be strange not to have wedding emails to look forward to!
    Please send our huge thanks as well to Jordi, Aleksanda, and Ines as I know this was definitely a team effort.
    Thank you again, so much,
    Katherine and Dan

  • Annie and Frankie,

    We had a brilliant day… Frankie can’t stop talking about it to any one we meet since we came home. He is blown away by the food, venue and hotel. It was lovely meeting up.

  • Shavana and Justin ,

    Just wanted to thank you once again for all your work in making our day so special.

    Shavana and I, along with our families, had the time of our lives. We will always remember our wedding in Barcelona and how truly great you made thank you.

    We are so lucky to have you as our wedding planner.

  • Shavana and Justin ,

    Petra, you have been so wonderful thank you for replying to the countless emails. The information you have provided us with has come in really helpful at the right time!

  • Stephen Lahiri,
    Lucas Fox Marbella

    I know that you still have a lot to do during the event .. but I just wanted to say GREAT JOB and WELL DONE so far.

  • Joan Gil ,
    Sauleda Catering

    Contigo todo parece siempre más fácil... eres una crack!!!

  • Clemmie and Dale,

    Thank you again so much for everything you have done to make our wedding amazing 🙂 You are our Spanish Star!

  • Rachel and Nick,

    I was so sad after the wedding was over because I loved it so much. Wish I could just have that day over and over. Probably wouldn't be good for my liver though... It's still funny to think of Nick as my husband. It sounds very grown up. That's nice that things are slower. Barcelona is lovely in autumn and it's nice when the tourists start to dwindle I bet. Thanks again for the pics. We were waiting on a nice one to put on the thank you cards so will get cracking with those this weekend. Take care and keep making beautiful weddings! xx

  • Tizina and Erika,
    Turismo Torino

    Thanks so much for the pictures. 
    The event was a great success, the place, the buffet, the presentation...what a pity not being there with you! 
    I would like to thank you so much for your cooperation: the service was impeccable and the quality of the products was very high.  In short, everything was perfect!!!

    It's been a pleasure for both of us having worked with you and if you come to Torino you'll be welcome!   

  • Nedelia,

    Wow you are amazing!

  • Lelle Widerberg owner of Wileco Events,

    Du är bäst !! Tack för din proffsiga hjälp!

    Ha de gott!!!

    Kram Lelle

  • Masia Mas Coll,

    Muchísimas gracias a ti!! contigo es que es un placer trabajar! Eres encantadora!

  • Stephen Lahiri ,
    Lucas Fox Marbella

    I know that you still have a lot to do during the event .. but I just wanted to say GREAT JOB and WELL DONE to you all so far.

    After our own event in Marbella in April .. I know how much hard work and stress it is to arrange.

    Finally a particularly GOOD JOB and WELL DONE to Petra and Carrie .. and also a BIG THANKS to Helena and your boyfriend for all your work over the weekend.

  • John and Elaine,

    Jordi. Thank you so much.  I think I said to both you & Petra yesterday how much it meant to us and how everything ran so smoothly thanks to you both. I could not have wished for it to have gone better. I am hoping with one of my two children you may have to help us again in the future! They too were both very impressed with everything. Very best wishes & fondest regards. John & Elaine. We asked PearlSandals to help us organise our recent renewal of Wedding Vows ceremony near Barcelona. Petra did a fantastic job for us. Nothing was too much trouble for her, and she was extremely professional before, during & after the ceremony. Her attention to detail is meticulous, and she communicates very promptly. The ceremony was a huge success and something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Petra played a huge part in its success, and we cannot recommend her services highly enough 

  • Eva, Restaurant El Vivero,

    Un placer trabajar contigo. La verdad es que la boda fue muy emotiva.

  • Shannon and Joe,

    The wedding was perfect and everyone had a great time--so thank you again. Let's hope some more couples from the USA get married in Barcelona because it was really an amazing experience

  • Carrie,
    Lucas Fox

    Thanks again Petra. You’ve been absolutely brilliant. Such a professional team. I hope to be able to work with you again in the future. Lucas Fox International Properties worked with PearlSandals on a supercar event in Barcelona in September 2015, something we had no experience of previously. We needed someone to ensure that the event ran as smoothly as possible and that our fairly tight budget was adhered to. Petra and her team at PearlSandals were a complete joy to work with from start to finish – nothing was ever too much trouble. They were efficient, reliable and excellent problem solvers, of which we had many! The event was a huge success, beyond our expectations and that was thanks to PearlSandals. I highly recommend them for anyone thinking of organizing a corporate event in Catalunya.

  • Jose & Ali,

    Words aren't enough to describe how thankful and happy I'm with everything!

    Please extend my gratitude to everyone! 

  • Johanna and Martin,

    Wir denken so gerne an das tolle Wochenende und unsere Hochzeit zurück! Es war wirklich fantastisch und wir schauen uns sehr gerne die Bilder immer und immer wieder an.

  • Helen and Damian,

    We've just got home from Zanzibar. We had the most amazing time and everyone is still talking about the great day. You and your team did a spectacular job, and we can't say thank you enough.

  • Laura and Aidan,

    Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for everything you and the team have done over the last 12 months - the day was absolutely perfect, everything we could have hoped!

  • Sabine and Andreas,

    Danke nochmal für alles es war alles perfekt organisiert!

    Für all unsere Gäste war es ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, es war einfach ein Traum!!!

  • Victoria and Daniel,

    "Bröllopet blev magiskt och precis som vi hade tänkt oss, om inte bättre! Fantastisk plats, både terrass och hotell med en genuin spansk känsla. Vi var mycket nöjda med arrangemanget där ni hade en bra insikt i hur vi ville ha det och gitarristen var bara helt fantastisk! Stort tack återigen för att ni hjälpte oss att få våran drömdag" 

  • Niamh and Marty,

    From the moment we met Petra, we knew that she had a love for her job. So easy to work with, enthusiastic about love and weddings that we were absolutely at ease with the process of getting married in Barcelona.
    Petra and her team's attention to detail and creative flair meant that our wedding was the bespoke, relaxed occasion, exactly what we wanted and thoroughly enjoyed by all our friends and family. Through every step of the way Petra and Jordi where there to give options and advice.
    Petra you are a truly gifted and wonderfully kind person. We wish you all the best for your new venture, we have no doubt that you will succeed. Thanks to you and your team we had a wonderful wedding.
    All our love, Marty and Niamh

  • Michelle,

    Just a short note to thank you once again for your tremendous help yesterday.  I really enjoyed meeting you.  Stay in touch and hope we'll see each other again soon.

  • Kjertsi and Fernando,

    Det er mange ting man ikke tenker på når man skal gifte seg for første gang, og det vet Petra. Hun minner oss på ting vi må huske i forhold til betalinger, kirker, prester, papirer, barnevakt, transport, blomster osv. Hun har FULL kontroll, der vi ikke har kontroll i det hele tatt. Hun hadde glimrende hjelp fra sine medhjelpere Jordi og Maria- de var også med på å hjelpe med ting vi ikke visste vi engang trengte hjelp til, men som var helt nødvendig for at bryllupet i det hele tatt kunne gjennomføres!

  • Lyndsey and Lewe,

    Hooray! Jordi is a legend – thanking you !!

  • Franzi and Andreas,

    Du und Maria, seid während des ganzen Tages unauffällig anwesend gewesen ohne zu stören und habt uns im richtigen Moment gefragt/ unterstützt. Super Job!!!

  • Castel Jalpí,

    Si, eso espero, es un placer trabajar contigo, buena gente y muy profesional.

  • Heike and Marco,

    Ich wünsche jeder Braut eine "Petra" an ihre Seite.  It seems that a star is born in Masnou, a person who can provide new values an a new attitude to the wedding planner performance.

  • Madeleine and Russell,

    We had such an amazing day and you were brilliant! The decoration in the bodega and church was amazing and you really coordinated the day so well. Everyone thought you were great. The organisation on the day and the special touches made it like a fairy tale wedding. Thank you Petra for all your efforts and making the image of my perfect church décor come to life. Thank you for all the little extra touches on the day and for being the most upbeat, positive person. Our guests had such a fantastic day and thought you were wonderful. Along the way, your enthusiasm for the venues and your genuine love of the area and what it has to offer made our search for the perfect venue all the more exciting. Thank you for helping us find the ideal church and reception venue, both were real gems that we probably never would have come across without your help. The food was plentiful and absolutely delicious, our guests are still raving about it! The band was fantastic and we had no problems whatsoever trying to fill the dance floor. The care the staff at the Masia took to accommodate us all was touching. Finally, thank you for introducing us to so many lovely suppliers along the way, it was a pleasure to meet so many genuine, caring people who wanted our wedding to be a success just as much as we did! All the best for your future weddings, I hope they are all as magical as ours!

  • Gill and Des,

    When we decided to get married in Barcelona we spent a while looking for a wedding planner.We couldn't of chosen anyone better than Petra. Getting married abroad you have to put faith into your wedding planner and hope they are on the same wave length and share your vision. Petra certainly achieved this and more. She made the whole process a joy and stress free. Nothing was a problem, Petra listened to our ideas and was in regular contact offering advice and keeping us in the loop. She organised for us and our guests a get together the night before the wedding at the Terrace Bar of the Diamond Palace, even the rain didn't put a dampener on the evening Petra had everything covered an alternative room and blankets for when it faired up, even a dash for a bottle of Bacardi for one of our guests wasn't a problem. The wedding day was everything we had hoped for and more as a bride you just want to relax and enjoy the day without getting asked questions from florists, caterers, bands etc Petra made this possible and all we had to do was turn up and enjoy the day. All our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever attended a lot of that is down to Petra and her team. Petra you are awesome we just don't know who we are going to email everyday helping us make decisions! Wishing you Continued Success You Deserve it