Food Trucks at Weddings

Weddings don't come without their fair share of trends, and we must admit that the food truck is one we are taking quite a liking to. Forget seating protocol, four course meals, how about a whole new concept of show cooking and personalised catering. Food trucks

How to propose to your loved one!

How do you ask for your loved one’s hand? Want to surprise them in an original and funny way? In this post we hope to give you some ideas for making your proposal a different and surprising one

Hidden City Tours Barcelona

When we heard about a tour that was led by homeless people in Barcelona, we had to find out more. How does it work? What are the backgrounds of the hosts? It was even more interesting to find out that an individual, Lisa Grace, had decided to set up such an amazing initiative.

MediaJockey – future of music and video!

Why the name MediaJockey and what makes them different? They offer audio, video, graphics, photo and music for events. How does this work? Apart from their various types of first class sound and light systems they can bring screens to show your photos and videos on. You can post messages as well and have your couple photos shown on screens in live time to your guests who are enjoying the beginning of the aperitif waiting for you.