6 ways to incorporate digital into your wedding

As most people have smartphones worldwide, a Facebook account, email and are somewhat connected via whatsapp - it is quite obvious to see how and why digital has morphed itself into being a part of weddings.

Santiago de Cecilia – The sound of good music

Santiago de Cecilia is an artist in many different ways.

La Roca Village

One of my favourite shopping days is going to La Roca Village on sales season.

Headdresses by Miranda Tocados

The story of Myriam, the owner of Miranda Tocados is one of those stories, which makes you feel nothing but admiration and respect for a person full of strength and self-improvement. Due to a chronic disease she is obliged to have a sedentary life, and instead of staying at home without doing nothing, she decided to start a business of creative handwork, creating impressive and glamorous headdresses.