What to do with your wedding dress?

Wedding dresses are costly items of clothing indeed! Many women preserve their wedding gowns with the hopes that their daughters or other family members may wear them at their weddings.

Bon Profit

Spanish weddings are characterized by a vast, generous array of food and drink. It is well know that Barcelona is a famous culinary hotspot and hosts many famous restaurants. The Catalan caterers take their profession most seriously and generally your budget goes a much longer way than back home.

Personal Stylist for your Barcelona Wedding

We know that organizing a wedding can already bring lots of unwanted stress and headache, and to make things even more difficult you decide to buy your wedding dress in Barcelona!

Getting Married in Barcelona – Legal Procedure

Both civil and religious marriages are legally recognised in Spain, and a Spanish marriage is legally recognised in most other countries. Any citizen has the right to get married, as long as they are over 18 years old, not already legally married and are not marrying a close family relative. Ceremonies can be performed by a justice of the peace, a mayor, a representative designated by the mayor, or a priest.