About PearlSandals

PearlSandals emerges from Petra’s desire to make others happy and share the incredible landscapes and venues of Catalonia.

At her own wedding, Petra wore a flower crown and danced the night away under the stars in her grandmother’s garden, wearing pearl sandals. This is very much an element that epitomises the spirit of how the company works – sincere, stylish and trustworthy.

PearlSandals is dedicated to creating special moments in Barcelona, Catalonia and The Balearic Islands for international couples. The team speaks a plethora of languages such as; English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Catalan and Italian, which makes us able to work with people from all over the world.


Founder, Wedding & Events Manager

Globetrotter, polyglot, citizen of the world, people person. Commonly known as the ever optimist! Degree in English and Religions of the world, many years as head of Studies. Environmentally conscious, masters in multi tasking. President of Catalunya's fan club - naturally


Photographer, Wedding & Events Planner

Entered on the path of wedding planning being a photographer that had collaborated with Pearlsandals for years. Has an eye for details and is amazingly organized. Human Rights & Documentary Photographer. One nationality and three home countries. Enjoys wandering in the mountains. Vegetarian. Has been living in Barcelona since 2003


Event & Office Manager

Event and Office Manager and support system for the team, frequently referred to as wizard with clergy and paperwork. Trouble shooter extraordinaire. BA in Clinical Psychology. Extensive experience in documentary IT project management. Speaks English, Catalan and Spanish, and has got a basic knowledge of other languages.

Share the love! 

We at PearlSandals work in the love business and it’s imperial in our corporate and private philosophy to share it! 

Our couples and clients often feel the same, they want to give something back and leave a positive footprint with Catalonia and its people. There are many great and easy ways to do this.

When PearlSandals was founded one of the goals was for 10% of the profit to go to charitable projects, and below you can find three organisations that we collaborate with regularly. 

Sharing the love with refugees!
Turn your important day into shelter, protection and hope for those who have lost everything: refugees and displaced people who have had to flee their homes because of war, persecution or intolerance. You will be improving and giving dignity to their lives and your guests will not be indifferent. Read more here.

Sharing the love with those in need!

A team of volunteers gives a helping hand to people living on the street, by providing food for those in need. PearlSandals encourages all couples and clients to donate the leftovers from weddings and events to the team at Chiringuito del Dios, and every year we donate sleeping bags, hygiene products and other necessary material. Read more here.

Sharing the love with the functionally diverse!

Sol y Vida is a support network that facilitates the transition to adulthood for people with intellectual disabilities. They fight for people with functional diversity to have a dignified, independent and healthy life. PearlSandals supports the project and the work of Sol y Vida by a monthly contribution, by which we receive weekly home grown vegetables and fruit from the Garden cared by the family at Sol y Vida. Read more here.