The Carnival in Catalonia – Vilanova & Sitges

The carnivals I know best are the ones of Vilanova and Sitges, that represent divergent concepts such as Venice and Rio, but curiously these two towns are separated only by 7 kms…

Imperial Concert – Top Quality Music in Barcelona

This year we have met and collaborated on several weddings with a group of outstanding Russian musicians based in the Barcelona area, operating under the name: Imperial Concert.

The Israelite Community of Barcelona

PearlSandals team don’t only organise weddings and events, but also dedicate part of our time to visit villas, restaurants, caterers, and all kinds of places and professionals to expand the range of opportunities we offer to the customers who put their confidence in us to organise their big day.

Celler de Can Roda – A jewel surrounded by vineyards

Celler de Can Roda is one of those places that never stops amazing us every time we visit it. The space is so diverse and so full of corners and details that each visit allows us to discover new possibilities for any kind of celebration, so that we could define it as a paradise for any wedding planner.