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Christmas. A time to show love. Everywhere in the world, Christmas is a time to enjoy with family and close friends.

1..2..3 √úberraschungen

Die vielen unerwarteten Dinge und lustige Wendungen machten die Hochzeit von Marina & Tarik aus Deutschland aber mit Wurzeln aus Bosnia und Turkmenistan zu einer ganz speziellen.

1…2…3 Surprise

The many unexpected things and funny twists made the wedding of Marina & Tarik, from Germany with roots in Bosnia and Turkmenistan, to a very special one.

Barcelona Restaurants

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, the food being served at your wedding is one of the most important elements and something that your guests will always remember. Most of the times, guests have travelled from near and far to assist your celebration and getting to taste local Spanish delicacies certainly is a treat! Barcelona is heaven for foodies in all levels and categories, I once read that this city has more than 10,000 restaurants that can fill your tummy!