Barcelona Wedding Guide

Barcelona Wedding Guide

Are you thinking of getting married in beautiful Barcelona? This post aims to give you a low down on what getting married here really means with hurdles and opportunities, ideas and suggestions and most of all helping you in your decision making process. There are many reasons why couples choose Barcelona as the destination for their wedding. First and foremost it is easy to fall in love with this city! It is vibrant, exciting, romantic, versatile and affordable. You can have a beach wedding, celebrate in Parc Güell, rent a villa with your loved ones, have a castle to yourselves, relax in a stately home or Masia in the country side, have a green eco wedding at a vineyard, wow your guests at luxury hotels, the world is your oyster in Barcelona!

The weather is also accommodating, the average temperature is over 20 degrees from May to October and beach season often starts around Easter and continues until the end of October, you can see average monthly temperatures here. Eating and dancing under the stars and saying your vows outdoors surrounded by sun and sand or in a green lush setting is priceless. Take a look at Moments page to get an idea of how others have said "I do" in Catalunya.


Shopoholics or couples looking for bridal wear won't be disappointed either! The variety and prices of the local creations aim to please. Barcelona offers you unique wedding dresses from  world known designers and locally very talented young designers. With places like La Roca Village, Passeig de Gracia and boutiques in Born, shopping is very much on people's to do list whilst here. Pronovias is famous for exquisite gowns and Otaduy stocks some of the most incredible bohemian influenced bridal dresses. We have a personal stylist that can either help you shop for "the dress", or simply set up appointments for some of the best and unique brands and stores so your shopping experience is relaxed and stress-free!


Non conventional dreams

Another very good reason why you should choose Barcelona for the celebration of your love is the fact that it is an excellent way to escape from old conventions. With a destination wedding you don’t have to invite that second cousin you have nothing in common with, you don’t have to invite everyone, just the people that are closest to you. Maybe you want to celebrate in privacy, plan your romantic elopement just the two of you! You can also choose a non conventional setting and reception, buffets, barbeques, Spanish music and performances, limbo on the beach, jazz in the garden, create your very personal, memorable and truly magical moments here!

Budget stretching further

The wedding budget is always a tricky business. How much you would like to spend is entirely up to you and we can work with any budget. However, your money goes further here in Barcelona this much is guaranteed. Depending on where you live it can be cheaper for everyone to fly to Barcelona than to your city, especially if you are expecting guests from all over the world. Alcohol and food is much cheaper here than in most places and the generosity of the local caterers and professionals goes a long way. You can enjoy 1,5 hour of aperitif, three courses, wedding cake, 2 hours of open bar and all the drinks for about 125 Euros per person. Less for a bbq option, more depending on specific wishes but this price is realistic. Barcelona is an outdoor city and many of the attractions are free to visit as are it’s beaches. Public transport is efficient and cheap and it is easy to travel the country and the honeymoon options are endless!

Our team is happy to help you negotiate with providers, get good deals with hotels, help with money transfers so you avoid paying your bank a lot of fees, control payments for you and working within your budget and most importantly keeping everything easy to understand and letting you have a crystal clear overview.

All kinds of celebrations are catered for

For a non-denominal wedding you have the option to design your own humanist blessing ceremony. You may also want to choose a religious ceremony in a chapel or a world famous church? Whatever your faith and origin we can help you with anything from a Swedish priest, a German Humanist Celebrant, to a local Rabbi.

Protestant weddings can be celebrated in some churches in Barcelona amongst others the Sagrat Cor on Tibidabo and Dominicus in the Born area. We have organized all types of weddings, Swedish religious one on a rooftop in the Barrio Gotico, Austrian on the beach. Let us know your wishes! For Scandinavian weddings we can source your priest through the Swedish Church on Mallorca or the Norwegian Sjömanskyrkan. Note that you need to pay for the priest to travel here and booking needs to be done well in advance.

We can also provide German and English speaking catholic priests and help you with all kinds of paperwork. In the past we have also helped mixed couples with their ceremonies. If one of you is Catholic and the other one C of E or even a non-believer, as an example, the priest will design a ceremony together with you with different questions for you during the vows and elements that make all your guests comfortable and happy to participate.

Humanist celebrants who can create a meaningful ceremony in any language or a mix of languages for you!

More time together with loved ones

Instead of just seeing your guests at the reception and feeling you didn’t have time to talk to everyone if you get married at home, if you invite your guests to Barcelona you have the possibility of more quality time together. You can rent a villa or apartment with or close to your family and friends, arrange a get together the night before the wedding, a brunch or beach bbq the day after? Be aware that guests will do their utmost to attend your wedding here so make sure to calculate on more invitations being accepted than they would be back home! The more the merrier but keeping them within your budget.

Bountiful gorgeous food and drink

Tired of eating almost the same wedding menu at your friends’ weddings thinking the meal is just something to get through to then start really celebrating? Not here in Barcelona! Whether you are a dedicated foodie or just appreciate a good meal, the food served here will go beyond your expectations.This city is proud of it’s 21 Michelin-starred restaurants. Local street markets can be found all over the city and as the price jewel in the crown we have the amazing Boqueria. Make sure to book a table at one of the Michelin starred once well in advance as they are very popular. Barcelona is surrounded by vineyards and has 6 wine regions from the arid Priorat with strong red wines to Alella with it’s fresh and crisp White wines and let’s not forget the Cava! World famous Codorniu and Torres can be visited by train and we can help you with guided visits or weddings are private vineyards in the entire region of Catalunya. There is no reason why you and your guests shouldn’t enjoy the local brew from start to finish on the big day!

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