A few weeks ago I went to a cake event and treated myself with amazingly good cakes and cupcakes from the local business “Barcelona Cakes”.

What to expect from a food tasting

Once you’ve decided on your catering company it’s time to book your tasting. What should you expect on a tasting day then? To eat in three hours more or less what your guests will be eating in 7… so no breakfast on the tasting day!

Finding a caterer in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for it’s food and rightly so! The catering world is a jungle and it’s essential for any event to get it right.

Bon Profit

Spanish weddings are characterized by a vast, generous array of food and drink. It is well know that Barcelona is a famous culinary hotspot and hosts many famous restaurants. The Catalan caterers take their profession most seriously and generally your budget goes a much longer way than back home.