Creative DIY Wedding Ideas – Part 2

Continuing our series of DIY tips and tricks today we are looking at simple ways to serve food and drink and liven up the tables at weddings and events.

Creative DIY Wedding Ideas Part 1

Have you just started planning your wedding? Find you have time on your hands to personalise the details? The Internet is full of ideas for easy wedding DIY projects.

What to do with your wedding dress?

Wedding dresses are costly items of clothing indeed! Many women preserve their wedding gowns with the hopes that their daughters or other family members may wear them at their weddings.

Think Green Wedding Flowers

We are starting a series on how to make your wedding a green one or using the green chip for elements of it. The first post will centre around wedding flowers. In this age where couples are more and more conscious about not wasting nature’s resources many turn to different alternatives regarding flowers. Yumiko from Japan is an origami artist and her creations are easier to preserve.