Jasmine and Shyamal’s Indian-Inspired Mediterranean Wedding

At PearlSandals, we believe in the power of creating special moments that not only celebrate love but also the beautiful tapestry of cultures coming together. Jasmine and Shyamal’s Indian-Inspired Mediterranean Wedding serves as a shining example of what we stand for. Their exquisite Indian wedding in the Mediterranean region of Empordà was a true fusion of cultures and love, embodying our values of openness and close relationships.

The stunning celebration took place at the elegant Castell de l’Empordà, setting the stage for a magical union. Jasmine and Shyamal’s Indian-Inspired Mediterranean Wedding was adorned with flowers in every corner.  The bride’s bouquet, flower arch and table design were brought together by talented Flors Bertran. Furthermore, the venue’s picturesque charm perfectly complemented the vibrant festivities, creating a tailor-made experience. Every detail was meticulously crafted to reflect the couple’s dreams and personalities. For instance, thanks to the expertise of BarcelonaMUA and Hairstyles BCN  Jasmine and her bridesmaids looked radiant!


Embracing Traditions: The Timeless Rhythms of Indian Dhol Players

A highlight of the celebration was the mesmerizing performance by professional Indian Dhol players. Undoubtedly, the reception came alive as it captivated the guests with vibrant music and dance. The tradition of Dhol players at Indian weddings dates back centuries and holds significant cultural and ceremonial importance. Dhol is a type of double-headed drum played widely across South Asia, particularly in Punjabi and North Indian weddings. Additionally, these rhythmic beats of the Dhol are not only meant to entertain but also to symbolize joy, happiness, and celebration. 

This blend of rich Indian traditions against the backdrop of the Mediterranean landscape was a testament to our commitment to building bridges between cultures. Through the expertly captured moments by DSilvaFilms, the joy and emotions shared by the couple and their loved ones were immortalized. 

All in all, it was a magnificent and memorable day. We are honoured to have been part of Jasmine and Shyamal’s special occasion! It reinforces our “creating special moments” motto through our unique, familiar and trustworthy approach.


Providers at this wedding:

Venue: Castell de l’Empordà
Photographer & Video: DSilvafilms
Flowers: Flors Bertran
Beauty: Barcelona MUA
Hair: Hairstyles BCN
DJ: Chimi Hendrixx
Music: 22Duo Music
Performance: Kamal Production & Events