Camilla & Chris

Yesterday’s wedding was terrific! SO AMAZING! I just want to say that it is my great honor having you ladies and gentlemen planning, preparing, hosting, recording and taking care of our wedding. Starting from Guillermo’s visit and brunch shooting in the early morning to the great dinner till late night, everything was perfect! You really made it: beyond expectation in every aspect!

Barcelona is such a lovely city. What’s more adorable are the memories of such great time we spent together. If anyone ever would come to Beijing, do give me a call and I’ll show you around the city with pleasure.

Again, thank you all for the great support all the time. Look forward to watching the best moments shootings of the wedding day! Already feel excited with all kinds of imaginations and expectations!

As for the closing words, since I love the poem from Ancient China that Esperanza read at the ceremony so much, I found its Chinese character version! It was a singing poem from Han Dynasty, with over two thousand years history. Here it goes:










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