Deborah and Ashley

What can we say only the biggest thanks for your professionalism, your dedication and your kindness throughout this whole process. Thank you also for your patience on the day (we are vaguely aware of some mini dramas but we had no idea on the day and for that we are eternally grateful!).

Please extend our thanks to everyone who contributed; to our beauty crew (they were so patient and understanding of my control freak..lets call them..tendancies!) and so understanding of what we wanted.
To the florist (oh my god..we almost cried leaving our bouquets behind); those flowers were worthy of a royal wedding
To the caters; everyone was raving about the food and couldn’t stop talking about it. One of our favourite moments was our cake and dessert presentation and these desserts were to die for
To JoanRa thank you for being so cheerful and positive and making our ceremony so personal. There were a lot of tears of joy from everyone including ourselves
To our musicians; wow!! I’m tearing up just thinking about the music. To our DJ; i think the packed dance floor speaks for itself. Thank you for listening to our requests and creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter
To our photographers; their patience and professionalism were outstanding. They listened and fulfilled all of our requests. We cant wait to see our shots.
The owners of Sant Pere de Clara; what a breath taking place. Honestly, our wedding venue will be talked about for days, if not years, by our guests. They just couldn’t get enough of it.
To hotel Atenea; they were wonderful and it was a great place for everyone to hang out and chill

If we have forgotten anyone (we are currently exhausted from our lack of sleep and alcohol induced antics yesterday 😊 ) please tell then we’re sorry but we know that everyone’s part no matter how small, was important and made our day the wonderful unforgettable experience that it was. We will hold a special place for PearlSandals, and all of your contributors, in our hearts forever.

Once again thank you
Lots of love,
Mrs and Mrs White ❤ ️🌈

Deborah and Ashley

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