Ece & Cevdet

Barcelona is a very special place for our relationship and it will always stay this way. We first met on
a plane to that city and continued to bump into each other during that holiday trip. Coincidences led us to see each other in our hometown Istanbul and from then on we were a couple. When we reflect on
the past we have always cherished beautiful Barcelona and our romantic comedy-esque beginnings.
So when we decided to take our relationship to a next level and to get married, there was no
question: we were getting married in Barcelona.
While everything was romantic to that point we knew we need a down-to-earth planning from then
on. Yes we love Barcelona and knew a thing or two about the city so we believed that we can get
through, that we can easily plan and execute everything by ourselves. We were wrong. Even at first
glance we faced with lots of questions to address and we couldn’t come up with working answers.
We were far (3,5 hours of flight time from Istanbul to Barcelona), clueless and confused. With time
passing we were worried and wondering if we can pull it off. In fact at one stage we started looking
for solutions in Istanbul, half-heartedly. This is when Petra and PearlSandals team come into play
and change everything, 180 degrees.
We must admit that we couldn’t manage the process without their guiding and expertise. They
manage to come up with perfect solutions, balancing our expectations and financial possibilities.
They were with us in every step of the process, from conferences over skype months ago to
solemnizing the wedding in the embassy. It was not only us as the couple but all of our friends and
family were also happy and relaxed. Most of them were first-time travelers and language barrier was
present but everything went very smooth. They keep saying that ours was one of the loveliest and
notable weddings they have attended and hearing that makes us very happy.
As I have written in the beginning Barcelona has a very special place in our story. And we
experienced this chapter in our story most happily thanks to PearlSandals team. We will always be
grateful to them.

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