Sandy & Hendrik

To the entire Pearl Sandals Team,

Thank you so much for turning our wedding into an unforgettable experience, not only for us, but for our whole family and friends! On behalf of Hendrik and myself, we are so grateful for all your support throughout the entire planning, organisation, decoration, communication and most of all the excellent recommendations on suppliers, and the very transparent, open and professional way of working. We can only echo what the other couples have mentioned here, we had also researched and been in contact with other wedding planners, but no one was as professional, responsive and answering all our questions (incl. an indication on costs) from the start. Our special day would not have been the same without your help! You blended in perfectly and were always exactly there when needed. What was most amazing was all the positive feedback we also got from our guests, who are still (almost 4 month after) talking about our wedding and how they would love to do this again every year 😉 Please keep your enthusiasm and passion for what you do, as the outcome is incredible!

Special thanks to the team members, that we had day-to-day contact with:

@Petra, thank you for being so open and honest, for all the good advice on sometimes random questions and for making time, even on weekends, to reply on Whatsapp. This not a given and therefore so appreciated that you were so responsive and working around our calendars.

@Jordi, thank you for standing our sometimes very German bureaucracy and attention to detail J and for keeping track of our finances. We still can’t believe how swift all the paperwork went on and how we managed to get church/civil documents all taken care off.

@ Rosanna, thank you for your hands on approach on the day of our weeding and for jumping in, where needed.

@Sophie, thank you for your support on finding the right photographer, for getting the decorations straight and for blending in so well on the day of our wedding supporting the German family.

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