Suvi & Brendan

Hello Pearl Sandals; Petra, Jordi, Natalia and Rosana,

Greetings from cold Boston, where we are finally back to normalcy after an amazing October!

Huge warm hug and thank you for the whole team for organizing our wedding. It was a long journey (two years!!) and so much patience and skill was required from all of you to help us through the planning. Now after seeing everything that went into the planning both of us are just horrified to even think of having done it without your help. Everything was just perfect on the wedding day.

Special thank you good hearted people for minding Eliana, it was invaluable since she was so very miserable that day for a reason we did not understand since usually she absolutely loves crowds and attention- until we learned the day after the wedding that she actually was sick with her first cold and therefore so miserable and difficult to entertain. (We all in the Vilassar-house caught a nasty cold.) Maybe also some of my stress was affecting her as we had heard just days before the wedding that our green card got rejected and we were stranded in Spain until we got me a new US-visa. So we ended up having an extra ten days of “honeymoon” in Madrid the following week while applying for new visa for me. We did end up loving the extra family-time though. Also, our new return flight was through Dublin on the day when the hurricane hit Ireland, so we got an extra days delay in our flights returning home. Adding to all this the independence commotion in Catalunya, you were the only part that we could count on during our wedding trip, and we are forever grateful for that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Wishing you a wonderful winter filled with beautiful people and weddings, and calmer times for Catalunya. If any of our friends in Barcelona are looking for wedding planner, we’ll be sure to recommend you!

Suvi, Brendan and Eliana

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