Victoria & Tom

Team Pearl Sandals & Gau

WELL WHAT A PARTY!!  Needless to say I have lost my voice.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making it one hell of a day and night to remember. The day itself is a little hazy as it went very fast – too many distractions make it difficult to focus, but I know I had an amazing time. Super over excited.

All I have been hearing is how it’s the best wedding anyone has ever been to #nailedit ( and trust me they wouldn’t say it if they didn’t believe so ). Martin ( Toms Boss ) for him to say the food and drink service was excellent is definitely something to be proud of, he can be hard to please  That Suckling Pig was delicious, shame I was still too nervous and over excited to eat it all. That Cheese Cake as well looked awesome, and the Espresso Martini’s – you want to come and work for Bacardi?they were fab!

Petra, thank you for all the little touches also, it looked fantastic and coaching me through some of the decisions. Sorry if the getting people out of there was a little tough. In all seriousness, P&S attention to detail, all the above and beyond are second to non, and your hugs Petra, just make everything seem so easy when I know it’s not. So thanks.

Thank you so so much to you all, you were a great team and even though the whether threatened us, no one even noticed the scheduled had changed slightly.

Hope to see you all again.

Much love.

Mr and Mrs Kerr xxx

Victoria and tom

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